3 November 2000, Tilburg (NL)

Author Title Download
Lars Borin and Klas Prütz Through a glass darkly: Part-of-speech distribution in original and translated text PDF
Gosse Bouma, Gertjan van Noord, and Robert Malouf Alpino: Whide-coverage computational analysis of Dutch PDF
Julie Carson-Berndsen, Gina Joue, and Michael Walsh Phonotactic constraint ranking for speech recognition PDF
Gregory Grefenstette Very large lexicons PDF
Heleen Hoekstra, Michael Moortgat, Ineke Schuurman, and Ton van der Wouden Syntactic annotation for the Spoken Dutch Corpus Project (CGN) PDF
Shaul Marcus, Carlos Martin-Vide, Victor Mitrana, and Gheorghe Paun A new-old class of linguistically motivated regulated grammars PDF
Michael Moortgat and Richard Moot CGN to Grail: Extracting a type-logical lexicon from the CGN annotation PDF
Thierry Poibeau and Leila Kosseim Proper name extraction from non-journalistic texts PDF
Pius ten Hacken Revolution in computational linguistics: Towards a genuinely applied science PDF
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang Transforming a chunker to a parser PDF
Antal van den Bosch, Emiel Krahmer, and Marc Swerts Automatic detection of problematic turns in human-machine interaction PDF
Ielka van der Sluis and Emiel Krahmer  Gererating referring expressions in a multimodal context: An empirically oriented approach PDF