17 December 2004, Leiden (NL)

Author Title Download
Tamas Biro When the hothead speaks: Simulated annealing optimality theory for Dutch fast speech PDF
Wauter Bosma Query-based summarization using rhetorical structure theory PDF
Anne Hendrik Buist, Wessel Kraaij, and Stephan Raaijmakers Automatic summarization of meeting data: A feasibility study PDF
Cristiano Chesi Phases and complexity in phrase structure building PDF
Nicole Grégoire Accentuation of adpositions and particles in a text-to-speech system for Dutch PDF
Lars Hellan, Dorothee Beermann, Jon Atle Gulla, and Atle Prange Trailfinder: A case study in extracting spatial information using deep language processing PDF
Véronique Hoste and Walter Daelemans Learning Dutch coreference resolution PDF
Kim Luyckx and Walter Daelemans Shallow text analysis and machine learning for authorship attribution PDF
Jori Mur Off-line answer extraction for Dutch QA PDF
Michaela Poß and Ton van der Wouden Extended lexical units in Dutch PDF
Wojciech Skut Preference-driven bimachine compilation: An application to TTS text normalisation PDF
Alexandros Tantos The interface between lexical and discourse semantics: The case of the light verb “have” PDF
Tim Van de Cruys Between VP adjuncts and second pole in Dutch: A corpus based survey regarding the complements between VP adjuncts and second
pole in Dutch
Lonneke van der Plas and Gosse Bouma Syntactic contexts for finding semantically related words PDF
Frank Van Eynde Argument realization in Dutch PDF