29 November 1991, Amsterdam (NL)

Author Title Download
Erik Aarts Uniform recognition for acyclic context-sensitive grammars is NP-complete PDF
Laura Bloksma and Mark van der Kraan Collocations and categorial grammar PDF
Rens Bod A computational model of language performance: Data oriented parsing (DOP) PDF
Walter Daelemans and Erik-Jan van der Linden Evaluation of lexical representation formalisms PDF
Marjan Grootveld and Anneke Neijt Underspecification in coordination: X-Y-Z-parsing PDF
Marco Hollenberg Proofnets and modality PDF
Emiel Krahmer Presuppositions and dynamic montague grammar PDF
René Leermakers A recursive ascent Earley parser PDF
Dan Maxwell Equivalences between constituency and dependency PDF
Wilfried Meyer Viol Partial objects and discourse representation theory PDF
Sebastian Millies Design requirements for principle-based parsers as flexible research tools PDF
Klaas Sikkel and Marc Lankhorst A parallel bottom-up Tomita parser PDF
Elias Thijsse Simple models of knowledge PDF
Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans Linguistic pattern matching capabilities of connectionist networks PDF
Jan van Eijck and Giovanna Cepparello Dynamic modal predicate logic PDF
Hans van Halteren Exploration schemes in the Linguistic Database PDF