22 January 2009, Groningen (NL)

Author Title Download
Tamas Biro Elephants and optimality again PDF
André Bittar Annotation of events and temporal expressions in French texts PDF
Gosse Bouma Linking Dutch Wikipedia categories to EuroWordNet PDF
Wim De Smet and Marie-Francine Moens An aspect based document representation for event clustering PDF
Gianluca Giorgolo and Christina Unger Coreference without discourse referents PDF
Ashwin Ittoo and Gosse Bouma Semantic selectional restrictions for disambiguating meronymy relations PDF
Scott Martens Frequent structure discovery in treebanks PDF
Daphne Theijssen, Hans van Halteren, Karin Fikkers, Frederike Groothoff, Lian van Hoof, Eva van de Sande, Jorieke Tiems, Veronique Verhagen, and Patrick van der Zande A regression model for the English benefactive alternation PDF
Frank van Eynde A treebank-driven investigation of predicative complements in Dutch PDF