10 December 1999, Utrecht (NL)

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Rodolfo Delmonte Generating & parsing clitics with GETARUN PDF
Gaël Dias, Spela Vintar, José Gabriel Pereira Lopes, and Sylvie Guilloré Normalising the IJS-ELAN Slovene-English Parallel Corpus for the extraction of multilingual terminology PDF
Christophe Costa Florencio Consistent identification in the limit of some of Penn and Buszkowski's classes is NP-hard PDF
Véronique Hoste, Steven Gillis, and Walter Daelemans Machine learning for modeling Dutch pronunciation variation PDF
Aravind K. Joshi Explorations of a domain of locality: Lexicalized tree-adjoining grammar (LTAG) PDF
Alexandra Kinyon Some remarks on the psycholinguistic of LTAGs PDF
Stasinos Konstantopoulos NP chunking using ILP PDF
Nuno C. Marques, Gabriel Pereira Lopes, and Carlos A. Coelho Mining subcategorization information by using multiple feature loglinear models PDF
Eleni Miltsakaki  Locating topics in text processing PDF
 Anneke Nunn Automatic hyphenation of Dutch words based on linguistic rules PDF
Nelleke Oostdijk   Building a Corpus of Spoken Dutch PDF
 Anoop Sarkar and Shuly Wintner Typing as a means for validating feature structures PDF
Ness Schelkens, Frank van Eynde, and Sven Verdoolaege The semantics of temporal adjuncts PDF
Ivelin Stoianov and John Nerbonne Connectionist grapheme to phoneme conversion: Exploring distributed representations PDF
Carole Tiberius and Lynne Cahil A metaphoneme inventory PDF
Jan van Eijck On the proper treatment of context in NL PDF
Frank van Eynde, Jakub Zavrel, and Walter Daelemans Lemmatisation and morphosyntactic annotation for the Spoken Dutch corpus PDF
Hans van Halteren Weighted probability distribution voting, and introduction PDF
Sven Verdoolaege, Marc Denecker, Ness Schelkens, Danny De Schreye, and Frank Van Eynde Semantic interpretation of temporal information by abductive inference PDF
C. F. M. Vermeulen Classifying modal interaction in discourse PDF
H. Volger Grammars with generalized contextfree rules and their tree automata PDF
Menno van Zaanen Bootstrapping structure using similarity PDF
Shaomin Zhang, Heather M. Powell, and Dominic Palmer-Brown

Keyword extraction using neural networks