15 November 1996, Eindhoven (NL)

Author Title Download
Gosse Bouma Valence alternation without lexical rules PDF
Crit Cremers and
Maarten Hijzelendoorn
Filtering left dislocation chains in parsing categorial grammar PDF
Esther Klabbers Speech output generation in GoalGetter PDF
Emiel Krahmer and
Kees van Deemter
Possessive affixes and complement composition PDF
Carlos Martin-Vide and
Gheorghe Paun
Modeling coordination by means of operations on strings and on derivation trees PDF
Renée Pohlmann and
Wessel Kraaijy
Improving the precision of a text retrieval system with compound analysis PDF
Adam Przepiorkowski and
Anna Kupsc
Unbounded negative concord in Polish: A lexicalist HPSG approach PDF
Stephen G. Pulman Conversational games, belief revision and
Bayesian networks
Mieke Rats Information update in Dutch information
Ineke Schuurman ANNO: a multi-functional Flemish text corpus PDF
Mariët Theune GoalGetter: Predicting contrastive accent in
data-to-speech generation
 Frank van Eynde On the notion 'Minor Category' PDF
Jakub Zavrel, Walter Daelemans, and Jorn Veenstra Resolving PP attachment ambiguities with
memory-based Learning