23 November 1994, Twente (NL)

Author Title Download
Erik Aarts Complexity of pure prolog programs PDF
René Ahn, Leen Kievit, Gerrit Rentier, and Margriet Verlinden Two levels of semantic representation in DENK PDF
Walter Daelemans, Peter Berck, and Steven Gillis Linguistics as data mining: Dutch diminutives PDF
Annius Groenink Formal mechanisms for movement and surface structure in Dutch PDF
Danny Kersten and Gerrit van der Hoeven  Valency in casting systems PDF
Geert-Jan M. Kruijff and Jan Schaake  Discerning relevant information in discourses using TFA PDF
Jan Odijk  Generation of coherent monologues PDF
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang The limitations of modeling finite state grammars with simple recurrent networks PDF
Leen Torenvliet and Marten Trautwein A note on the complexity of restricted attribute-value grammars PDF
Marten Trautwein  The complexity of structure sharing in unification-based grammars PDF
Mettina Veenstra  A minimalist head-corner parser PDF
Annie Zaenen and Geoff Nunberg Communication technology, linguistic technology and the multilingual individual PDF