19 December 2003, Antwerp (BE)

Author Title Download
Gosse Bouma A corpus investigation of PP-fronting in Dutch PDF
Thorsten Brants Natural language processing in information retrieval PDF
Sander Canisius and Antal van den Bosch A memory-based shallow parser for spoken Dutch PDF
Balazs Kis, Begona Villada Moiron, Tamas Biro, Gosse Bouma, Gabor Pohl, Gabor Ugray, and John Nerbonne Methods for the extraction of Hungarian multi-word lexemes PDF
Detlef Prescher, Remko Scha, Khalil Sima’an, and Andreas Zollmann On the statistical consistency of DOP estimators PDF
Carla Schelfhout and Peter-Arno Coppen Interrupting constructions in a rejuvenated AMAZON grammar PDF
Wojciech Skut Incremental construction of minimal acyclic sequential transducers from unsorted data PDF
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang, Walter Daelemans, and Anja Höthker Reduction of Dutch sentences for automatic subtitling PDF
Tylman Ule and Jorn Veenstra Iterative treebank refinement PDF
Leonoor van der Beek and Timothy Baldwin Crosslingual countability classification with EuroWordNet PDF
Hans van Halteren Detection of plagiarism in student essays PDF
Aris Xanthos An incremental implementation of the utterance-boundary approach to speech segmentation PDF