30 November 2001, Twente (NL)

Author Title Download
Gosse Bouma and Begona Villada Corpus-based acquisition of collocational prepositional phrases PDF
Bart Decadt, Jacques Duchateau, et. al. Memory-based phoneme-to-grapheme conversion: A method for dealing with out-of-vocabulary items in speech recognition PDF
Jesse de Does and John van der Voort van der Kleij Tagging the Dutch PAROLE Corpus PDF
Fien De Meulder, Walter Daelemans, and Véronique Hoste A named entity recognition system for Dutch PDF
Christophe Costa Floréncio Conservative vs set-driven learning functions for the class k-valued PDF
Tanja Gaustad and Gosse Bouma Accurate stemming of Dutch for text classification PDF
Markus Guhe and Frank Schilder Incremental generation of self-corrections using underspecification PDF
Djoerd Hiemstra and David van Leeuwen Creating a Dutch information retrieval test corpus PDF
Gerard Kempen and Karin Harbuschy Performance grammar: a declarative definition PDF
Piroska Lendvai, Antal van den Bosch, et. al. Multi-feature error detection in spoken dialogue systems PDF
Arjen Poutsma Applying Monte Carlo techniques to language identification PDF
David R. Traum Invited talk: Ideas on multi-layer dialogue management for multi-party, multi-conversation, multi-modal communication PDF
Vincent Vandeghinste Lexicon optimization: Maximizing lexical coverage in speech recognition through automated compounding PDF
L. van der Beek, G. Bouma, et. al. The Alpino Dependency Treebank  PDF
Jan van Eijck Reference resolution in context PDF