29 November 2002, Groningen (NL)

Author Title Download
E. Csuhaj-Varju, C. Martin-Vide, and V. Mitrana Parallel communicating cinite transducer systems PDF
Jacques Duchateau, Tom Laureys, et. al. Handling disfluencies in spontaneous language models PDF
James Hammerton Learning to segment speech with self-organising maps PDF
Ulrich Heid A Dutch chunker as a basis for the extraction of linguistic knowledge PDF
Christer Johansson How is grammatical gender processed? PDF
Stasinos Konstantopoulos BaseNP chunking using ILP PDF
Ton van der Wouden, Ineke Schuurman, et. al. Harvesting Dutch trees: Syntactic properties of spoken Dutch PDF
Sebastian van Delden Extending a finite state approach for parsing commas in English to Dutch PDF
Frank van Eynde Morpho-syntactic agreement and index agreement in Dutch NPs PDF
Menno van Zaanen and Gerhard van Huyssteen Improving a spelling checker for Afrikaans PDF