Evaluation of Named Entity Recognition in Dutch online criminal complaints


  • Marijn Schraagen Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Matthieu Brinkhuis Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Floris Bex Utrecht University, The Netherlands


The possibility for citizens to submit crime reports and criminal complaints online is becoming ever more common, especially for cyber- and internet-related crimes such as phishing and online trade fraud. Such user-submitted crime reports contain references to entities of interest, such as the complainant, counterparty, items being traded, and locations. Using named entity recognition (NER) algorithms these entities can be identified and used in further information extraction and legal reasoning. This paper describes an evaluation of the de facto standard NER algorithm for Dutch on crime reports provided by the Dutch police. An analysis of confusion in entity type assignment and recall errors is presented, as well as suggestions for performance improvement. Besides traditional evaluation based on a manually created gold standard, an alternative assessment method is performed to allow for more efficient evaluation and error analysis. The paper concludes with a general discussion on the use of NER in information extraction.




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Schraagen, M., Brinkhuis, M., & Bex, F. (2017). Evaluation of Named Entity Recognition in Dutch online criminal complaints. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal, 7, 3–16. Retrieved from https://clinjournal.org/clinj/article/view/65




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